Welcome. I first want to commend you for your interest in health and wellness. We live in an amazing country but it appears that health and wellness are not a priority in peoples lives. Sickness, illness, disease and obesity are rising at an alarming rate. Most people seem to be content to wait for something to happen to their health before making any corrections. Even then, many are not willing to make the necessary changes to improve their health.

Recently, I had a conversation with two brothers who (by their own admission) eat poorly, smoke, are extremely overweight, look 10 years older than they are and watched their mother die of heart disease. In addition, one had a 12 year old son with them who is very overweight. They're not sure they can change. Hopefully they'll do something with the information they received at our seminar.

Lex and I are on a quest to see people become healthy. From an early age our philosophy has been "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure."  It really is better to prevent than to treat. Either way I believe we can help.

We are very passionate, with strong convictions to help as many people as we can become Whole, physically, financially and spiritually. We are committed to this.

Would you like to bring a seminar to your church or community?  How can we help? 


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Lex and Nikita


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